• Little Big Benny: The Boy Who Didn't Know He Was the Universe

    This is the story of a boy who didn't know he was the universe. Benny Armstrong Jr. is very curious about the world around him, but what he doesn’t realize is that he plays host to an incredible world that exists within him. It’s a world full of colorful characters like The Floofs of Lintopolis, The Beats of Hipville, the Joymen of Lightville, The Buds of TasteTown, and the Zuzus of Jamaland. They are no more aware of him than he is of them, but they have a profound effect on one another.

    His every move is monitored by aliens called Zetas that like to wreak havoc in Little Benny’s world. Between the school bully, Leo, and the girl of Little Benny’s dreams, Lora Lee, The Zetas never run out of scenarios to cause upheaval in Little Benny’s world. Nothing is quite what it seems!

  • Little Big Benny: Double Stick Karma, Book 2 in Series

    Readers who loved “The Boy Who Didn’t Know He Was the Universe,” will love how the plot thickens in “Double Stick Karma,” the second book in the Little Big Benny series. Benny Armstrong Jr., is still hoping to make a move on his crush, Lora Lee, but the next door neighbor and school bully, Leo, is as determined as ever to get in the way. Will Leo’s jealousy get him sent away to Castle Hill, and are the boys fighting over a girl that isn’t even interested in either one of them? The alien Zetas are still up to no good as they turn Leo and Little Benny against one another, but their antics threaten to expose their existance to the human race. All these ups and downs are taking their toll on the microscopic worlds within Little Benny, including the Floofs of Lintopolis, the Beats of Hipville, and the Zuzus of Jamaland. Will they turn on one another?

  • Little Big Benny: The Wicked Itch , Book 3 in Series

    Reader's who loved "The Boy Who Didn't Know He Was the Universe" and "Double Stick Karma" will love "The Wicket Itch," the third book in the Little Big Benny series. Benny Armstrong Jr. has had enough of Leo Grainger's bullying. Luckily, his best friend, Harmony, proves what a great friend he is and has Little Benny's back throughout the ups and downs. The alien Zetas are causing as much trouble as usual in their desperate attempt to be sent home. Lora Lee is finally ready to admit how she feels about Little Benny, but a massive misunderstanding threatens to derail it all. The Zuzus of Jamaland are hunting down the great Floof explorer, Fuzzpoleon, who is hiding out in Hipville with the Beats. Lightville is experiencing eratic ups and downs with the great Lord JoyRah's emotions, and it threatens to keep the Blood Brothers of Coronary Heights at home. Pooshy's computer, Chipper, is retiring, and Commander Nando and his troops face the biggest challenge of their lives, thanks to a tiny feathery fairy that is causing a wicked itch.